10 day compostable poly challenge.
by Nick Pryke

We are always looking for ways to make our print and mail services more sustainable. We are conscious that we have a duty of care to our environment both locally and globally, such is the reach of mail.

Our green journey started in earnest back in 2014 when we moved sites and took time to re-purpose our new Bury St Edmunds HQ. The 400 panel, 100kw solar power system we installed provided the catalyst for all activity that has followed since.

We have a real passion to be the greenest marketing services provider in the UK and have taken a number of actions to support this. These include baling cardboard and polythene waste for recycling, using vegetable based inks on our press, recycling all paper waste and having a hybrid/electric company vehicle policy.

And we are now helping to tackle the scourge of plastic and polythene waste in society by working with our clients to change to a compostable potato based mailing film for their magazine, catalogue and brochure mailings. There have been reports that this type of film is ineffective and in reality does not degrade as the manufacturers would have us believe. 

So, to protect ours and our clients’ integrity, we wanted to test the product before we could actively promote it. Here’s the fun bit, we used grass clippings from the Precision wildflower garden and filled a green garden waste bin, then we attached some potato based mailing film to a frame and placed it in the compost bin! From there we completed daily inspections and videoed the decomposition process. 

So does it work? Well they say the camera never lies, please take a look at our video of the daily updates to see what happened.

Nick Pryke
Nick PrykeChief Operating Officer

Get in touch with Nick:

Nick Pryke
Nick PrykeChief Operating Officer

Get in touch with Nick:

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