7 top tips for your next Direct Mail campaign.

Here are a few top tips to help you when planning your next Direct Mail campaign.

1. Know your audience.

Who are they? What will interest them? And why will they care?

Understanding who your potential customers are for your product or service allows you to create a more relevant and meaningful message for your mailing.

The more relevant and personalised your communication can be from information you know about your audience the more effective the campaign will be.

2. Target the right people, at the right moment.

The devil is in the data – sending your direct mail to a highly targeted list at the right moment in the buying cycle with boost the effectiveness of the communication and can transform your ROI. Don’t forget, make sure your consents are in place! Are you mailing to opted in clients or can you use legitimate interest, your mailing house can advise you on this.

3. Creative that stands out.

You will have less competition on your targets doormat than in their inbox, but you still need to grab their attention with the design – images, colours and font that stand out, but kept on brand. Consistent branding enables an integrated feel to your campaign and enables customer recognition of your brand. For example if your website is red and grey your mailing materials shouldn’t be green.

4. Clear and concise messaging.

Keep your copy clear and concise. Make sure you have a snappy headline to draw people in – think about the key thing that will interest them enough to read on. The main story should be easy to scan, skim and read – this is where bullet pointed copy and graphics can help make it easy to read and digest.

And finally ensure you have a clear call to action as to what you’d like them to do next.

5. Integrated campaign with digital.

Consider adding QR codes to create digital integration to your mailing. Customers can then scan on their mobile to access further information on a landing page or social media page, or link directly to an email contact for your business or product.

6. Printing and fulfillment.

Don’t forget to factor printing and fulfilment into your production schedule and budget.

Make sure you factor in all elements of your campaign; do you need an outer envelope, a letter insertion, brochure and reply device? Or will your item be polywrapped?  Your mailing house can help advise you on the best solution for your budget, this will include postage with savings to be made based on size, weight, delivery speed and whether it’s Business or Advertising material.

bitmap1Have you considered making your mailing environmentally friendly? You can use recyclable materials for your mailing with the paper stocks used. Our print presses use vegetable inks. There is even Potato starch polywrap available which is home compostable.

7. Follow up & response handling.

When planning your mailing you need to consider what action you are asking your customer to take and then ensure that you have the resource and process ready to handle the response. This could be ensuring you have enough stock for an expected uplift in sales or ensuring you have a team in place to handle the data response updates, such as opt-out requests or change of address. Your fulfilment house can help you with handling the response to your campaign.

Hayley Gardner
Hayley GardnerSenior Account Manager

Get in touch with Hayley:

Hayley Gardner
Hayley GardnerSenior Account Manager

Get in touch with Hayley:

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