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Morning after delivery.

The traditional pharmacy retail model posed a challenge for HRA Pharma’s EllaOne emergency contraception. They wanted to exceed customer expectations where others had failed. With 100% discretion a 24 hour ecommerce delivery service was launched, achieving a 33% conversion rate.

Delayed delivery through retail websites.

Mystery shopping from retailers websites revealed that retailers were unable to deliver within the 24 hour delivery window. 24 hour deliveries were arriving in 48-72 hour time frames – letting customers down and reflecting badly on the brand.

Another key learning was customers ordering ellaOne via click and collect because it is “the most effective emergency contraceptive” were being switching at point of collection to another product.

Ensuring 100% discretion.

Given their learnings on the customer journey, HRA’s vision was to introduce a service that would go above and beyond the current offerings and exceed consumer expectations.

There was a need to create a site that was discreet to use. So our site doesn’t have any cookies built in to store your data, ensuring it is 100% discreet. This means our website won’t recognise you’ve ever been on it if you revisit. A recent study showed women buying emergency contraception regularly, can be victims of abuse. As well as the discretion on their browser,  regular purchase through the order system should be flagged to the Healthcare Professional.


Launching 24 hour delivery service.

We launched the 24 hour delivery service which guaranteed delivery if placed before 6pm. While retailers websites averaged over 100 clicks for a consumer to get to check out, ellaOne direct was 21 clicks.

  • 33% on site order conversion rate.
  • Over 400 orders in the first month.                     

bitmap1Achieving 33% conversion rate on 24 hour delivery service.

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