What is Street Level marketing?
by Gary Howard

With the bombardment of marketing messages every day, one of the biggest challenges is getting word out to the people who are mostly likely to buy with a message that will resonate with them. Localisation of your message right down to street level can have significant impact on response rate.

But what is street level marketing?

Street level marketing is a concept that has been used by Estate Agents for years, look no further than the ‘Sold on your Street’ campaign they've adopted. It works as a driver for new enquiries and listings, so much so that before automation like our Connects platform came along, the agent had to hand deliver sold on your street cards into every letterbox. It was however, worth it because the returns were so great, but it took a lot of man hours and was slow to activate.

The impact of marketing to one specific street in one particular town, is proven to deliver far greater returns on your marketing budget. With its affordability through automation this has made street level marketing a thing!

Multiple sectors can use street level marketing as an aid to open up new customer opportunities.


" Switched on your street" for Energy Companies.

Challenger brands have been working hard to break the stranglehold that the big energy firms have had on the Utilities sector. The clever people at Octopus Energy realised their offer could provide cost savings to a high proportion of the population by using variable cost profiles based on a postcode. They could then use the power of street level marketing to drive their message home.

bitmap1Living on Argyle Crescent in Barnstable, you could save £££ per year by switching to Octopus Energy and it will only take 10 minutes of your time.

" Installed on your street" for Heating Engineers.

HomeServe have a network of heating engineers that are regionally split across the country. They wanted to highlight the fact that they were working on your street, installing a boiler. In doing so, they were opening up opportunities to provide a quote whilst working for your neighbour. This is simply a play on the local tradesman knocking on the doors of the neighbours where they are working to check if they needed any work done. It plays on the trust built through being local and providing work for the neighbours!

" Leased on your street" for Vehicle Leasing.

Renting or leasing company cars has become common place in the car market but the innovative bunch at one of the fastest growing vehicle leasing companies Vanarama, introduced the idea of leasing your personal vehicle as you would a mobile phone, exchanging it every couple of years for a new one. This also worked on the principle that it is human nature to want to keep up with the Joneses, especially when they spotted a brand spanking new motor on the drive of the house up the street!

So from your local theatre through to your nationwide energy provider, street level marketing is very much a reality! 

Gary Howard
Gary HowardChief Digital Officer

Get in touch with Gary:

Gary Howard
Gary HowardChief Digital Officer

Get in touch with Gary:

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